Monday, August 5, 2013

Fitness Update!

I survived week 1 of T25!  I swear there should be t-shirts made that say that!  Thursday was Ab Intervals.  The cardio that I dreaded on the other days, became the breaks from doing intense ab work.  Friday was supposed to be a double day, Lower Body Focus and Cardio.  I did the Lower Body Focus and holy cow...squats and lunges and leg work, oh my!  It was pretty intense!  I had good intentions to do the Cardio to get my back to back in, but ended up doing yard work instead.  I feel like that totally counts!  Especially since we did yard work allllll weekend!  But I did get the Stretch workout in on Sunday!  It was a yoga/pilates kind of workout, which I really enjoy.  And it felt GOOD after all of those fast paced, intense workouts!

Another challenge I've accepted is a 30 day clean eating challenge.  One of my friends is a personal trainer and is doing the challenge on Facebook.  She's done other challenges this summer, but I didn't take part in any of them.  This, however, fit perfectly into my new BeachBody plan to get in killer shape!  Basically for every clean meal you eat, you get 30 points.  For every snack that's clean, 10 points.  You lose 5 points for every ingredient that's not clean.  I'm loving it!  It's making me try new recipes, look at labels on food, and eat healthier!  I looked up a bunch of recipes this morning and was surprised at how amazing they all sounded!  We're going to give a few of them a try this week!

Saturday we headed to a farmer's market in the area.  Why it took us so long to get to one, I'm not really sure!  But it was love at first sight!  So many amazingly fresh veggies and fruits waiting to be bought!  We ended up with corn on the cob, sweet candy onions, poblano peppers, tomatillos (never used these before but we want to try salsa!), white peaches, and two jars of fresh, homemade pickles.  We'll be going back for sure!

And finally!  I made it out for a run this morning!  It was perfect!  It was about 70 degrees when I headed out, low humidity, and plenty of shade on my route.  There was also a perfectly placed sprinkler  at about mile 3 or so that I thoroughly enjoyed!  I did 4.5 miles in 42:54 and it felt amazing!  I also got my best 5k time in there too - 29:09.  It was an awesome run and felt so good!  I'm hoping to make that the shorter run of my week.  Hoping to get a longer run in on Abs day since it's way less intense than the other days.

It feels so good to be back on track!

Do you have any favorite clean eating meals?  I'd love to hear about them!  

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