Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Running Bucket List

While most people have a bucket list of things that they want to accomplish in life, I've decided to make myself a Running Bucket List of races I want to run someday!  

1.  Nike Women's Half here in DC - Who wouldn't love crossing the finish line and being greeted by a hot firefighter handing you a Tiffany's necklace?!?!  Plus this one wouldn't involve traveling too far!  Next year, I want in!

2.  Disney Princess Half - It's Disney!  What's not to love?  

3.  Boston Marathon - This one is a TOTAL long shot obviously!  But being from there, I'd kill to be able to run it after the events of this year!  

4.  The Color Run - I've been wanting to do a color run for over a year now.  The timing just hasn't worked out.  

I'm sure more will get added on as I learn about other races!  :)

What races are on your bucket list?


  1. The 7-Mile Bridge run in the FL Keys is on my list. :-) Stopping by via Speed Date Saturday. I'm also a teacher. I'm in MA. Nice to meet you!


    1. Oo! I'll have to check that one out! I'm originally from MA! :) Thanks for stopping by!